DFA Lite

PCB Designers and Engineers consistently tell us they are exasperated by surprise manufacturability issues that bring their assembly projects to a halt.

What if you could check your files online before even ordering assembly to catch these types of issues and address them first?

At SlingShot, we have developed the industry’s first online, self-service Design For Assembly Check to help PCB Designers and Engineers do just that.

Our Free DFA Lite program checks CAD and BOM Files for about a dozen of we see are the most common manufacturability issues that cause delays or increase the costs of assembly projects. While this isn’t all of the possible issues that can crop up, the DFA Lite Tool gives engineers a big head start in avoiding unwanted delays.

Later, when an actual order is placed with us, we run a comprehensive DFA analysis on many dozens of design attributes to identify potential manufacturing issues. While even this test doesn’t catch 100% of issues, the DFA analysis dramatically lowers the risk of surprise issues for our customers and goes a long way to streamlining the flow of orders in our facility and helping us meet tight deadlines with high-quality assemblies.

The Free DFA Lite Tool works with CAD ASCII, ODB++ and intelligent CAD Files from nearly all of the top CAD software tools, including Altium, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and others. (Unfortunately, the online tool cannot take Gerber files as they require substantial manual intervention before being processed by any DFA tool.)

A Bill of Materials in excel or CSV format is also required. The Bill of Materials must contain, at a minimum, details on Quantity, Reference Designators, Manufacturer’s Part Number and Manufacturer’s Name. Download a sample here of our Golden BOM format.

Want to see firsthand how it works? Start your DFA Lite Check now.