SlingShot Assembly was founded to reduce the frustrations and headaches we hear engineers, PCB layout experts and buyers tell us are all too common in the circuit board assembly marketplace.

Our state-of- the-art production facility handles Prototype and Low-Volume Production orders. From a single board and up, we use the latest software, processes and equipment to product high-quality assemblies fast and at a reasonable price.

While every project is unique and important, our Prototype orders typically fall into one of two buckets. We work to tailor our services to match the needs of each category.

Early-stage Prototypes:

Customers use our assembly services for early prototype runs when they need high-quality assemblies completed in a matter of a few days. Typically, the quantities for early prototypes range from a single board to about 50. Quantities vary tremendously from customer to customer.

These projects most often are full-turn key with customers taking full advantage of our advanced procurement and integrated relationships with board fabrication partners and component distributors to maximize convenience, speed and quality.

We do accept consigned bare boards and a limited number of select components for builds.

Later-stage Prototypes:

Once initial testing of early prototypes is completed, many of our customers move to late-stage prototyping or pre-production assemblies. As always, high-quality assemblies are a must. Here, assembly quantities can range from a few dozen to a couple hundreds. Again, this is subject to high variability from customer to customer.

Many customers continue to ask us to source board fabrication having seen the quality options we have. Components are also turn-key as we are deeply integrated with many key parts distributors. We can also inventory special/proprietary/hard-to-find components for customers.

In addition to core assembly services, SlingShot also offers functional testing where customers provide testing equipment and clear testing instructions. Flying Probe testing and conformal coating services are also offered.

Low-Volume Production:

Customers with Low-Volume Production requirements use SlingShot to provide high-quality assemblies at reasonable prices in appropriate timelines. Similar to prototypes, quantities of Production assemblies vary tremendously with no one having the same definition of “low volume”. Most often these quantities range from several dozen to many hundreds.

SlingShot services for board fabrication and components takes on a more calculated approach. We select from our partner partners to match requirements to the best source for boards and parts. Add-on services such as functional test, flying probe, conformal coating and simple box builds are more common.

Below is a partial list of Services and Capabilities we provide to customers;

If you have questions or are looking for something not listed, we welcome your call (720-778-2411). If we can’t help you, we will recommend another company that might.

  • Quick Turn PCB Assembly
  • Standard Assembly Turn Time – 2 & 3 Days (Turn Times as fast as 24 hours available)
  • Prototype and Low-Volume Production (Orders as small as a single assembly welcome)
  • 100% Turn-Key Components
  • Turn-Key Board Fabrication Encouraged
  • Test (Including Flying Probe and Functional Test)
  • Conformal Coating
  • Limited Box Build Services
  • Web-Based BOM Sourcing
  • Web-Based DFA Lite
  • Web-Based Instant Quote and Ordering
  • Full DFA on all orders with Industry-Leading Mentor Graphics Software
  • Single and Double Sided Machine-Placed SMT and Through-hole Assemblies
    • First Article Service Available
    • Inspection
      • Class II Standard and Class III available upon request
      • AOI
      • 3D X-Ray
    • File Formats
      • ODB++, CAD ASCII, IPC-2581
      • BOM: Excel & CSV
      • Gerber (RS-274X) and Centroid (XYRS): Excel & CSV
    • Solder
      • No Clean is standard
      • Lead-Free (RoHS) and Leaded