Today’s cutting edge products have tougher performance requirements than ever before.  From the most simple Continuity / Isolation test to a multi-phase test plan, we offer a full array of options to meet your product’s requirements.

Test Offerings

  • Continuity / Isolation
  • Hi-Pot
  • Power-up
  • Functional
  • Agilent 3070 Series III ICT
  • Takaya APT-9411E Flying Probe
  • Trek ICOM 5000 Ionic Contamination Testing
  • Glenbrook Technologies Jewel Box 70T
  • 100% Unit Coverage
  • Sample In-Process Verification
  • Programming of JTAG, Flash & EEPROM Devices
  • Performance Data Logging/Test Reporting

Required Data

  • GenCAD file
  • Schematic
  • Bill of Materials
  • Scope of Test Requirements