PCB Prototype Assembly

SlingShot Assembly is dedicated to helping engineers across all industries speed the transformation of their PCB designs into properly functioning circuit boards. Every day, we successfully complete printed circuit board assembly projects from a single board on up – each one finished in a matter of days instead of the industry norm of weeks.

Our customers depend on us to keep their prototype projects on schedule – and in some cases get delayed projects back on track - with fast assemblies built right.


Prototype assembly is a core specialty for us.

Our Denver Colorado facility was designed and built with the sole purpose producing small batches of high-quality prototype PCB assemblies over and over again. We incorporate the industry’s best engineering and production software and robotic assembly equipment together with outstanding people who care deeply about making our customers successful.

Instant Online Quoting and Ordering:

Upload your BOM and design files to the SlingShot website to get a quote in minutes and then place your order - all online! We’ll take it from there. Get Instant Quote.

Wanting to see an estimate before uploading your files? Check out the on-screen pricing calculator on our homepage.

Custom Quotes:

If you prefer to work directly with our quote team, email us your PCB design and layout files and we’ll return your custom quote in 24 hours. Send files.

Fast Turnaround:

1-5 day quick-turn assembly is our core competency. Once we have your files, it only takes us a matter of days to assemble a prototype. With expedited shipping to anywhere in the U.S., we provide the fastest solution to getting your designs off your computer screen and onto your workbench.

Full Turn-Key Assembly:

Don’t waste time searching one distributor after another for components or trying to decide which PCB board fabrication house to use. SlingShot’s dedicated and expert Procurement Team will source components and boards making your assembly project go faster and smoother. Learn more.

Design for Assembly Review:

Every prototype PCB assembly project is run through the industry’s number one DFA software from Siemen’s Mentor Graphics. We review every order for hundreds of different checks to provide feedback on manufacturability and adherence to IPC Assembly standards as well as to ensure designs move through production efficiently. Learn more.

Outstanding Customer Service:

Our customers rave about the friendly, consistent and detailed communication SlingShot provides during the quoting and ordering processes. And, we won’t leave you in the dark while we work on your project.

We recently launched an Online Project Status Tracker, so you receive daily updates as your assembly moves through production.

Better Pricing:

Just because you’re in a rush to get your boards assembled fast doesn’t mean you need to pay an arm and leg. SlingShot’s automated processes allow us to provide high-quality assembly services at reasonable prices.

Quality Is NEVER Compromised:

Just because we value speed here at Slingshot Assembly, doesn't mean that we ever put it above quality. We have the latest equipment and experienced staff to make sure your prototypes are durable and fully-functional.

We offer machine-placed SMT assembly, 3D x-rays of leadless parts, and wash-sensitive builds. 

If we make a mistake, we fix it. 

Check out the video above to see our state-of-the-art facility!

Each of these services aims to streamline the assembly process to make it faster, less expensive and less stressful for our customers.

SlingShot’s automated assembly equipment is designed to handle multiple, small run assembly orders in quick succession. Our equipment includes Mycronic pick and place as well as a Mycronic paste jet printer. The paste jet printer allows fast paste application and customization without the cost and time delay that comes with traditional stencils.

Our speed is matched by quality. Our two assembly lines each have in-line AOI, through-hole assembly is assisted by Mantis Scopes and all leadless components are inspected with 3D X-Ray. All assembly technicians are trained and certified to IPC standards.

SlingShot Assembly is ISO 9001-2015 Certified and ITAR Registered.

Have questions about your project? Please contact us to discuss.