In order to provide fast, high-quality assembly, we are committed to internal and external communication and understanding expectations. Below we have laid out this process from the moment you place an order until receiving your project.


Important Customer Touch Points
  1. Order Confirmation & Board/Parts Procurement:
    • Once an order is placed, an Order Confirmation is sent to the customer via email. It is important that customers review this document for pricing, boards & parts procurement and shipping accuracy.
    • Parts inventory is always subject to change, and customer decisions on alternate parts may be needed before turn-time can begin. These decisions may include additional charges based on parts pricing. The order confirmation will include these customer communication requirements.
  1. Design For Assembly (DFA) Check & Engineering Communication:
    • Customer files are placed through our DFA Check and if there are any discrepancies our engineers will reach out via email/phone for customer to make necessary changes.
    • Projects are subject to an “Engineering Hold” until customer responds, which may increase assembly time.
  • We can complete projects as quick as ONE DAY assembly.
  • 12:00pm MST is the daily cut off for beginning project turn-time.
  • Projects begin with a “Day Zero”, which is a 24 hour period where boards/parts are procured and engineers perform the DFA Check.
  • Assembly turn-time begins once all boards and parts are received. Customer responses may be necessary to procure alternate parts or make board changes.
Required Files
  1. BOM (preferably in Excel, but can be in CVS)
    • must include: QTY of parts, Manufacturer name & part #, Reference designator
  2. Design files in Gerber format
  3. Drawing with notes, drill table, and dimensions
  4. Fabrication Requirements such as: inspection level, solder mask color, etc.
  5. The Centroid file