First Articles

We understand First Articles can be an important part of a prototyping process. SlingShot offers First Articles on prototype assemblies. Here is how our process works.

What is a First Article?

  • It is a small sub-set of a Prototype assembly order completed and shipped to a customer before the balance of the assembly project is started.
  • First Articles can be useful to ensure assembly requirements are met or to double check the functionality of a design.
  • Once a quick review of the First Article units is completed, the balance of the order is assembled and shipped.
  • If a change is required on the design after the First Article inspection, those changes can be made before the balance of the order is assembled saving time and money.

How Does SlingShot Handle First Articles?

First the Basics...
  • First Articles are possible on most orders.
  • The First Article shipment can include up to 4 units of the total order.
  • Customers have 48 hours to inspect the First Article units and approve the assembly of the balance of the order or notify SlingShot of the changes that need to be made.
  • There is a $250 minimum charge on all First Article projects as they require multiple setups for production and might occupy production equipment during the inspection period.
And Here are the Specifics
  • All components and bare boards for the entire project are purchased once the order is placed.
  • First Articles are completed on the turn time schedule of the order. For example, if a project is scheduled for a 10- day project tun time including material procurement and assembly, the First Article will be completed on that schedule.
  • The balance of the assemblies for the order will be completed on the same assembly turn time (less the time for procuring material) as the original order.
Changes to Design
  • If changes are made in the design based on a First Article inspection, SlingShot will take those new files and process the balance of the order with those changes.
  • SlingShot will create a new Order # so these changes can be incorporated into our normal production processes.
  • There will be an additional engineering fee starting at $250 to process those changes (the fee varies depending on the complexity of the order).
  • If additional components or new bare boards need to be procured based on the changes, those fees will also apply to the order.