Fast and High-Quality Online Quote and Order Support

SlingShot Assembly offers customers the ability to streamline the PCB Assembly process in one convenient place online. This allows for your project to begin TODAY. By taking advantage of this online tool, we are able to produce full turn-key PCB prototypes and low-volume assembly at a remarkably fast rate.

Because this technology is fairly new to the industry, we've put together a support guide to help customers understand how to accurately use the tool. If your project has complexities that you would like to discuss with our sales, procurement or engineer teams we are always happy to customize quotes for you within 24 hours. For a custom quote or to discuss your project with our team, email us!

Let us introduce the application in a short video:

Step-By-Step Guide to Online Ordering:

  • Register your account or Login to view your project dashboard
  • Select "Start a Formal Quote" and upload your BOM. (see our Quote Guidelines for more info)
  • You will need to indicate the Header Row, QTY, Reference & Manufacturer P/N columns.
  • For any parts that are Not Available, or Out of Stock, you will need to indicate what action to perform:
    • SlingShot Sourced: our team will attempt to find the part from an extended list of distributors, or find alternates. The price of these parts is NOT included in the quote, as it requires manual procurement. A team member will contact you to update the quote price.
    • Customer Supplied: you will procure the part and ship it to our facility. Project Turn-time does not begin until all consigned parts/boards are received. (more info on consigned kits here)
    • Do Not Install: we will complete procurement and assembly without this part.
  • Next you will select requirements for assembly: ITAR, RoHS Compliance, Class II or III inspection, etc. (more info on Standard Board Specifications here)
  • Then you will select a ship date. Turn-time is calculated with a 24hour "Day Zero" for Engineering and Procurement. (more info on Turn Times here)
  •  Finally, you have reached the Check Out page. Please review your order and submit payment. You will receive a follow-up email from a team member to provide a point of contact for your project moving forward.

Have questions about your project? Please contact us to discuss.