Industries We Serve

Our printed circuit board manufacturing services can be applied in any market. No matter the industry, we strive to build products that exceed every customer’s expectations. Our talented team quickly determines the best path of action and delivers the final product that you need, so you can move forward on schedule. We are proud to serve the military, medical, and commercial industries.

We have years of experience in design, manufacturing, and assembly of electronic products, and the skills of our professionals can be applied to many products. We are willing to work with organizations in any industry that needs electronic manufacturing services.

We partner with companies in a variety of markets:

We have been an industry leader in the Industrial market for over 25 years.  We understand the diverse and demanding requirements of our Industrial Customers/Partners.  Since SlingShot Assembly is a full service provider of printed circuit board assemblies, we can work with your team to provide solutions unique for your requirements.  Be it custom requirements for transportation, renewable energy, marine, mining, agricultural equipment or industrial controls, we have the experience to service all of your needs.

The lighting industry is one of the fastest growing market segments in the world.  Customer needs are dynamic and ever changing.  Our customers require a EM

S supplier that is flexible and quick to respond.  Our material, engineering, and manufacturing staffs will analyze your programs and will work with you to create the most cost effective and efficient models sure to satisfy your needs.

SlingShot Assembly understands how important it is to have a Contract Manufacturing partner who is experienced with defense, military and security designs and applications.  We are proud of the strong reputation we have built servicing ourcountry by meeting the strict deadlines and requirements of these programs and SlingShot Assembly will always be committed to providing world class performance.

Medical OEM’s depend on SlingShot Assembly to produce, test, and delivery top-notch printed circuit board assemblies. We understand the stringent requirem

ents involved in producing medical based equipment. We have years of experience servicing the medical market segment and you can rely on us to provide the level of reliability your customers demand.

Do you provide customers with sensitive communication technology?  Do you need an electronic manufacturer services provider who sees your investment as their investment? SlingShot

 Assembly manufacturers complex printed circuit board assemblies backed up by one of the electronic industries best teams.  We can provide full box build designs that will exceed expectations for RF/Wireless and Telecom customers.

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