Design for Assembly Analysis

Our  DFA Analysis checks designs and BOMs for some of the most common manufacturability issues that will slow or even stop an assembly project. Manufacturability issues are not functional issues although higher risks designs can result in functional issues or even outright failures. The objective of the DFA Analysis is to catch these issues before an assembly order is even placed.

CAD files and a BOM are analyzed and customers get a report highlighting issues and/or potential issues. Concerns are listed in the report (see a sample report here) with either a Red or Yellow indicator. Red issues are show stoppers and Yellow issues need further investigation.

Because of the sophistication and automated nature of our DFA Analysis tool, it will not accept gerber files. The tool will work with CAD ASCII, ODB++ or intelligent CAD Files from most major CAD Software tools.

Please note our DFA Analysis tool requires BOMs to have complete information on Quantity, References Designators, Manufacturers Part Numbers and Manufacturers Name.


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