SlingShot Assembly is a new company founded by industry veterans who believe PCB Assembly should be easy and fast for PCB Designers, Engineers and Buyers alike.

BOM Sourcing Tool:

Our BOM Sourcing Check tool runs your Bill of Materials against inventory and data from leading component distributors to identify potential surprise issues such as long lead times, required Minimum Order Quantity and Obsolescence concerns. The tool also brings back a price for exact quantities of your components. Please note when ordering, we add additional quantities to your order due to normal part attrition during the assembly process.

To source your components and identify any issues, your BOM must contain at least the following attributes;

  • Quantity
  • Reference Designator
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number

It is preferable if your BOM also contain these attributes;

  • Component Description
  • Manufacturer Name

A sample BOM Template can be found here.

DFA Lite Tool:

Our free online DFA tool checks designs and BOMs for some of the most common manufacturability issues that will slow or even stop an assembly project. Manufacturability issues are not functional issues although higher risks designs can result in functional issues or even outright failures. The objective of the DFA Lite tool is to catch these issues before an assembly order is even placed.

Engineers and PCB designers can upload CAD files and a BOM to the DFA Lite tool and get a report highlighting issues and/or potential issues. Concerns are listed in the report (see a sample report here) with either a Red or Yellow indicator. Red issues are show stoppers and Yellow issues need further investigation.

Because of the sophistication and automated nature of our DFA Lite tool, it will not accept gerber files. The tool will work with CAD ASCII, ODB++ or intelligent CAD Files from most major CAD Software tools.

Please note our DFA Lite tool requires BOMs to have complete information on Quantity, References Designators, Manufacturers Part Numbers and Manufacturers Name. Our BOM Sourcing tool can add Manufacturers Names to your BOM if you do not have that information, so feel free to use that tool first.

When SlingShot Assembly received an assembly order, we will run a full DFA analysis on the design files and the BOM. That analysis may turn up new issues.

Online Quote Tool:

We have two versions of our online quote tool to meet different needs of PCB designers, engineers and buyers.

Our Assembly Calculator can be accessed anywhere on our website by clicking the Calculator button at the top right of the page. This tool is designed for a quick estimate of assembly and turn-key board fabrication.

Our Quote tool factors in more specifications of an assembly project, board fabrication and components. This is a formal quote and can be ordered through out online ordering system. All online orders are subject to a verification of files and specifications to ensure we provided an accurate quote.

We are also happy to provide quotes via email or feel free to give us a call at 720-778-2411.

Assembly Project Order:

Order an assembly project with turn-key board fabrication and components at any time of the day. Our online ordering system couples with our Online quotes to allow customers the flexibility to place orders when they are ready.

Assembly orders require complete file sets that can be uploaded to our website or emailed to

File Requirements;

  • IPC 2581, CAD ASCII, ODB++ or other intelligent CAD Files.
  • Or Gerbers (RS-274X) with Centroid/XYRS (Excel or CSV)
  • BOM in Excel or CSV format